A sneak peak into Alpha 680, one of the first Android netbook

Every other company in the netbook and the notebook arena is trying to be the first to come out with an Android powered notebook or netbook. Last month Skytone, a Chinese manufacturer, reported the launch of their first Android powered netbook.

Here are a few pictures of the device :




Some of the features include :

  • Operating System : Google Android
  • Display : 7“ TFT LCD true color
  • Resolution : 800 x 480( WVGA)
  • Connectivity : ADSL, WIFI, GPRS, CDMA,EDGE,WCDMA
  • Memory : 128MB DDR2 (up to 256MB Optional)
  • Storage : 1 GB Nand Flash Memory (up to 4GB Optional)
  • CPU : ARM11 533 MHz 32bit

For more details, click here.

[via modmygphone]

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