A glimpse of Android 2.0 aka Donut at the Google I/O

Android 2.0 aka the “Donut” was showcased at the Google I/O today. The audiences eagerly waiting for a glimpse of the yet unreleased version of the Android OS, had a treat when the Donut was demoed.

The Donut includes many new features like the “Search” feature which lets the user search the net as well as on the device itself.

One of the most exciting features for a mobile phone is the text-to-search API that would let Google include Google Voice Search into the Android 2.0.

It also includes handwriting recognizer. Using this feature, the user just needs to “write” whatever needs to be searched. For example, to search the names beginning with “e”, the user just needs to write “e” on the screen, when the contacts is open.

[via talkandroid]

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