No Android netbooks from ASUS until 2010

Every other day, we get news (or should I say rumours) about some or the other company releasing an Android powered netbook, some time in the near future. But today, we have heard of something opposite to that.

Yesterday, ASUS published its financial results, and it gives clear indication that ASUS wont produce any Android powered netbook before 2010. Here’s what the report says :

  • Asus will continue to produce netbooks powered by Windows XP in 2009
  • According to Asus CEO, X86 processors are more popular due to wide spectrum of applications available
  • Netprofit decreased by 94% (this includes overall netprofit though)
  • Netbooks running other operating system will emerge in Q1 2010. Not before that.

The fourth point is a clear indicator that ASUS plans to launch netbooks running “other Operating System” (read it as Android), in the first quarter of 2010.

[via gadgetmix]