Acer : two biggies Android and Windows to go hand-in-hand

Acer has decided to make first few models of its netbooks dual boot, with the other OS being Windows, as opposed to a news somtime back, that Acer is planning to launch the first exclusive Android powered netbook.

This was supposed to be the first Android powered netbook in the market. So, Acer was worried about the acceptance of the netbook in the market. So, to play safe, Acer decided to bundle Windows along with Android.

But, this would make the price of the netbook same as that of  Windows netbooks, as the customers woukd have to pay the license fee of Windows OS, whereas Android is free.

The Android can very well be used to make a fast-boot netbook, as compared to the time taken for a Windows netbook to boot. Most of us would be a bit comprehensive about buying an Android netbook at the first place. And, the main reason would be incompatibility of most of our important applications, with the Google OS. So, this is, in my opinion, a very smart move by Acer.

[via gadgetmix]